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Intel focuses on new chip, patent ruling

The chip giant has high hopes for "Coppermine." Meanwhile, a judge dismisses Intergraph's patent argument.


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In the wake of its earnings report, the chip giant touts its "Coppermine" chip. Meanwhile, a judge dismisses Intergraph's patent argument.

"We didn't have as much success as we would have liked in the higher end."

- Andy Bryant, Intel chief financial officer, regarding Intel's earnings


Coppermine key for Intel's holiday
The "Coppermine" processor, a deluxe version of the Pentium III debuting October 25, will likely become one of the major issues for the semiconductor industry over the next three months.

Judge rejects patent claim against Intel
A federal judge throws out a patent suit against Intel, ending one part of a two-pronged legal challenge by computer maker Intergraph.

Intel earnings fall short of expectations
Pricing and expense pressures cause Intel to miss profit expectations for the third quarter as the chip giant reports earnings of $1.9 billion, or 55 cents a share, excluding acquisition costs.