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Intel eager for WiMax

Intel trials new "WiMax" equipment in the U.K.

Intel is pushing hard to get its WiMax ambitions off the ground.

The chip giant recently strung up wireless broadband equipment using WiMax-precursor standards throughout seven warehouses serving the U.K.'s National Museum of Science and Industry in Swindon, Wiltshire, according to an article by Extreme Tech. The installation will let employees roam throughout the museum with tablet PCs and enter data about its exhibits.

Many tech heavies are banking on WiMax--industry parlance for equipment that can blanket miles of area with wireless broadband access--to become an industry-changing way to access the Internet. Although official certification for WiMax products will not begin until later this year, early signs by Intel and AT&T, among others, show how tech giants are investing heavily to prove WiMax can live up to its hype.