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Intel Capital invests in firm that brings mobile apps to PCs

The chip company's venture capital arm didn't say how much it dropped into BlueStacks, which offers software that lets mobile apps run on a Mac or on a Windows PC.

The BlueStacks App Player in action. BlueStacks

Intel Capital, the chip company's venture-capital arm, has invested in software maker BlueStacks.

The companies announced the deal yesterday but didn't say how much Intel Capital invested.

BlueStacks offers software, called App Player, that lets users run their mobile applications on a Mac or Windows PC. According to BlueStacks, the company's platform has been downloaded more than 5 million times and supports the most-popular titles, including Angry Birds Space and Instagram.

BlueStacks' technology has excited more than a few mobile-software lovers. Since applications are designed for mobile platforms running on ARM architecture, getting them to run on an Intel-based Mac or Windows PC requires another development. App Player makes the conversion for users and runs the apps in full screen.

Now that it has invested in BlueStacks, Intel Capital has an awfully deep portfolio. Among the companies it's invested in: Baidu, Box, and Clearwire, among dozens of others.

(Via Venturebeat)