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Intel, AMD release new processors

Intel makes a bid to keep its notebook edge with new low-power processors, while AMD turns up the heat for low-end desktop PCs.


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The race between chipmakers Intel and AMD heats up, with Intel introducing new low-power notebook chips and AMD targeting the budget market with low-cost Duron processors.

"Duron will handily trounce the Celeron."

- MicroDesign Resources analyst Kevin Krewell


Intel unveils new low-power notebook chips
update The chip giant is set to unveil five new notebook processors, including two low-power chips designed to compete against Transmeta's Crusoe.

AMD chip aims to beat Intel's Celeron
Advanced Micro Devices' release of its low-end Duron processor should give the company a performance advantage in the budget PC market, but computers using the chip won't be readily available until next month.

Intel to pump $2 billion into Irish chip plant
The computer chip giant will nearly double the size of a manufacturing site near Dublin.