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InStitchu online tailors offering 3D body scan fittings

The online men's tailoring service now has 3D body scanners to help you get the right fit.

Back when we looked at online tailor InStitchu we noted that the service had five different ways for people to get sized up for a suit.

InStitchu co-founder Robin McGowan prepares to enter the mPort scanning both. (Credit: InStitchu)

They've now added a very high-tech sixth method — 3D body scanning.

InStitchu has teamed up with another Aussie start up called mPort and the two will be deploying the 3D scanners to shopping centres around the country.

To get measured up, just hop into one of the private booths and get scanned. Your sizing data will be automatically sent to your InStitchu profile and you can then log on and design your clothing at your own leisure.

InStitchu co-founder Robin McGowan said that scanners were a great option for men worried about getting the right fit.

"Although the online measuring tools have been well received, there's still a lot of men out there hesitant about measuring up on their own," said McGowan. "The 3D body scanning technology from mPort is just what they needed to gain the confidence to purchase tailored suits online."

We'll update with some info on which shopping centres the mPort scanners can be found in and we'll be testing the service for ourselves this week.