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Instantly Framed app turns iPhone snapshots into framed artwork

Talk about taking the hassle out of framing your favorite photo. And here's a coupon code to save on your first order.

Tap, tap, done. Your favorite photo gets framed and shipped. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

There are lots of apps that can turn your smartphone snapshots into printed goods. For example, there's Printic, which delivers Polaroid style prints with just a few taps. And Groovebook turns 100 of your favorite Camera Roll pix into a really cool flip-book. (Sorry, the coupon code for the free one has expired.) And don't forget photo-enhanced greeting cards.

Want to get a little fancier? Instantly Framed (iOS) is exactly what it sounds like: an app that turns any photo into nicely framed artwork.

Specifically, it imports a picture from Facebook, Instagram, or your Camera Roll, or lets you snap a new one on the fly. Then you choose from five available print sizes, including 4x4, 4x6, and 8x8, and adjust the photo's zoom within that area.

Whatever size you choose, you'll be getting an archival-ink print set inside a 12x12-inch black walnut frame. Instantly Framed notes that its products are "grown on FSC certified tree farms and made in the USA," and promises delivery within five business days.

Each framed print costs $65 shipped, though you can get $10 off if you order two or $20 off an order of four. However, as part of an introductory offer, you can get $15 off one frame, $25 off two, or $35 off four when you apply coupon code ifpromo at checkout (within the app). As yet, there is no shipping to the UK or Australia, but the app itself is available.

That's a bit on the pricey side, but keep in mind there's considerable convenience baked into this -- and you're getting a gift-quality item. My only real complaint is that the app gives you a very small preview of the actual framed photo, so you'll have to use a different app (be it Photos, Facebook, or Instagram) to make sure the photo itself is good enough for framing. If it's a slightly blurry or otherwise less-than-ideal shot, you won't be able to tell within Instantly Framed proper.