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Instant messaging suits up for business

Yahoo, Microsoft and Sun spy a serious side to messaging and are designing IM software especially for enterprises. But will companies allow "chat" in the office?

roundup Yahoo, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems spy a serious side to instant messaging and are designing IM software especially for enterprises. But some question whether companies are ready to accept "chat" in the office.

The Web portal makes a grassroots appeal as part of a sales effort targeting corporate IT managers who have banned its product at work.
April 10, 2003

The company's Greenwich software, which will be renamed Microsoft Real Time Communications Server 2003, is due in the first half of the third quarter.
April 9, 2003

Sun Microsystems on Monday will release a new version of its enterprise business-oriented instant messaging software as part of an overall communications software package.
April 6, 2003

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Information technology and telecommunications systems are converging in the corporation, and Microsoft hopes to play a key role in bringing the pieces together.
April 1, 2003

The company is eager to cash in on the growing business use of instant messaging software.
March 14, 2003