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Installation art uses live fish to remix MP3s

A neat art installation uses live fish to control audio processing from an in-line MP3 player. Be sure to listen with headphones.

Brazilian artist Vivian Caccuri has put together a really neat piece of installation art that remixes music from an MP3 player based on the movements of live fish. The setup uses a proximity sensor to monitor what the fish are doing and changes the processing levels, adding and removing distortion and speaker fade as they go about their fishy business.

The video, which I've embedded below, was shot by Alex Tyson, who recorded straight off the installation's sound board. To appreciate it properly you should watch it with a good pair of headphones, as the music has been mixed down from four channels to two. If you want to go see it yourself you'll have to visit Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Note: To see this video in HD, head over to its page on Vimeo.

Submersed Songs | Canções Submersas from ∆LEX on Vimeo.