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Instagram: You love our ads

The Facebook-owned service says people are responding well to the first onslaught of ads in the feed.

Kevin Systrom introduces Instagram Direct
Kevin Systrom introduces Instagram Direct on December 12, 2013. Sarah Tew/CNET

Instagram's "magazine-like" ads are totally double-tap worthy -- at least that's the message the Facebook-owned entity is telling everyone.

Thursday, Instagram shared results from its first four ad campaigns and touted that early guinea pigs like Levi's and Ben & Jerry's reached more than 7 million people in the US in just over a week with their sponsored photos.

Most of Instagram's revelations are cloaked in advertising jargon, making them hard to unravel. The company said, for instance, that across the four campaigns there was a 32-point incremental lift in ad recall per campaign for people who were repeatedly exposed to a particular campaign as compared to control groups. So, basically, Instagram users were able to remember ads they saw repeatedly, which could mean they either loved them or hated them too much to forget them.

"Seventeen percent of people who saw a single ad for Ben & Jerry's Scotchy Scotch Scotch-flavored ice cream not only became aware of the new flavor, they also associated it with the brand," Instagram said in a blog post.

Though largely anecdotal, the results seem to suggest that people are responding with enthusiasm, even fervor, to Instagram ads, which officially arrived in early November. That's quite a different sentiment than the one people expressed on Instagram's first ad, which seemed to be overrun by vitriolic comments. Perhaps Instagram's more than 150 million active users have acquiesced to the idea of ads in their once pristine feed.

And surely it's no coincidence that the semi-uplifting results come on the launch day for Facebook's auto-play video ads.