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Instagram wants to keep bullies out of its comments

Instagram's new bullying filter will hide upsetting comments.


At F8, Instagram talked about a bullying filter.


Instagram is taking another step toward keeping the comments clean on its platform.

After introducing out a comment filter last year, Instagram is rolling out a bullying filter starting Tuesday, Instagram's Head of Analytics and Data Science Tamar Shapiro said at Facebook's annual developer conference, F8, in San Jose, Calif.

Facebook, along with other social media platforms like Twitter, have been grappling with what its role should be in handling harassment online. 

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The bullying filter will hide language that's intended to harass or be upsetting, Shapiro said.

According to an Instagram blog post Tuesday, the filter will look out for comments attacking someone's appearance or character, or making threats against them.

Updated 5/1 at 11:21 a.m. PT: Adds information about bullying filter. 

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