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Instagram show teaches you to cook in 15 seconds

What can you do with Instagram's 15 seconds that you couldn't with Vine's 7? Learn to cook, courtesy of Dutch chef Bart von Olphen.

Bart von Olphen

While we've seen some pretty great Vines, Instagram's 15 seconds has enabled something we think is pretty neat: Bart von Olphen's Fish Tales.

Calling itself "the world's shortest cooking show," it uses the 15-second format to show you how to make super-easy recipes, all centered around seafood. Tips include how to pan-fry a fish fillet and how to tell if fish is fresh. Some of the recipes are broken down into easily digestible chunks: in one, you might be shown how to cook the meat, and in the next, how to make a sauce for it.

Host von Olphen, a Dutch chef and author, has also made a couple of videos showing how fish is caught, with a focus on sustainability.

It's an interesting idea, and great for people with little time or skill in the kitchen. We'd love to see someone take the idea beyond seafood, too -- but it's a testament to the fact that the tastiest food doesn't necessarily have to be the most complicated to make.

(Source: CNET Australia)