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Instagram now lets everyone go live with a friend

The livestream-with-friends feature that's been in testing since early August is now ready for prime time.


Um, it doesn't look like a lot of homework is getting done here. 


As if anyone needs another way to procrastinate, Instagram now lets you do it en masse with your friends. 

The social media company has been testing the ability to invite friends to your livestreams since early August, and today it announced that it's rolling the feature out to everyone. With face filters, naturally.

You simply hit an add button and any current viewer can be invited. The screen then splits to show both. When it's over you can save the video to Instagram Stories for 24 hours or discard it into the ether. 

If someone you follow is going live with a friend, you'll see two circles stacked together in your stories bar. You can tap it to watch, like and comment as you follow along.   

It's available now via updates to the Android and iOS apps.