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Instagram's new feature makes it more like Pinterest

Now you can bookmark your favorite photos and videos to come back to later.

Have you ever found a hilarious photo on someone's Instagram feed, only to lose track of it when you want to show it to your friend hours later? That could soon be a thing of the past. A brand-new Instagram feature announced Wednesday will now let you bookmark your favorite photos and videos and add them to a folder of all the posts you've saved -- that makes it easier to find them later on. It's a little bit like Pinterest, which has the same feature as part of its bookmarking app.

Tapping the bookmark icon will make the post appear in your saved folder.

Gordon Gottsegen/CNET

This is the latest feature Instagram has borrowed from other social networks. Its Stories feature, launched in August, lets you showcase photos and videos for 24 hours, a lot like Snapchat Stories.

Taking inspiration from Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope, Instagram is also rolling out a new tool this week that lets you broadcast live to all your followers. (This is US-only for now.)

To start saving those photos and videos:

  • When you find that special post, look for an icon of a bookmark under the post on the right side, then tap the icon to save it.
  • View your saved posts by tapping the profile icon on the bottom right of the app, then selecting the bookmark icon.

Anyone with the Instagram 10.2 update on iOS or Android can start saving 'grams now. And don't worry, no one can see your saved posts besides you.