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Instagram follows Snapchat again with location-based Stories

Now you can see Stories from the same place or city, or with the same hashtag.


Instagram is adding new ways to group Stories.


Instagram is adding a new feature that groups together different kinds of Stories -- strings of videos and pictures that disappear after 24 hours.

The Facebook-owned photo sharing app is letting people add content to larger Stories based on locations or hashtags. For example, when you go to the app's Explore tab, you might see a Story that says "New York" and see videos and pictures that have that tag. Instagram will also compile stories that have the same hashtag.

It's similar to a feature Snapchat added back in March.

Facebook has added its Stories feature, which Snapchat pioneered, to four of its main apps. Besides Instagram, the feature is now on WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself.

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