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Instagram fashionably late to video party: What came first

Instagram can shoot brief videos now, which is very neat but not a new thing. Here are 16 companies that got there first.

Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Instagram expanded into video Thursday, letting users record and share short clips with one another, a feature designed squarely to compete with Twitter's Vine.

The new feature, which is built into an updated version of the app on both iOS and Android, lets users shoot up to 15 seconds of footage and tweak the look with filters. Instagram's added a few other goodies, like a camera mode that can stabilize your shot on newer mobile phones.

The company is not the first to offer such features. There's been a long string of successful, and rather unsuccessful, attempts to make short-form videos a big deal. CNET's put together a brief primer on 16 services that came first.

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