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Instagram could add new ways to Boomerang

An app researcher found a bunch of new features hidden in the app's code.


Instagram could be about to give Boomerang an update. 

Graphic by Pixabay/Illustration by CNET

Fan of Instagram's Boomerang feature? Then you're in luck, as Instagram seems set to add a lot more to the filter.

According to noted app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook's photo-sharing service looks to be readying a number of new updates to the popular video mode. Among the new options are:

  • Hold, which adds pauses to the end of the loop
  • Dynamic, which adds "wiggles" to the end of each loop
  • Slow-mo
  • Duo, a slightly slower or faster (depending on preference) version of the traditional Boomerang

Wong found the new unannounced features hidden inside the company's Android app, bringing them out and sharing what they look like on Twitter on and on her website.

In addition to the new filters, Wong also discovered new grid layouts for Stories, the ability to share comments, new Story Camera icons and new settings for notifications on the app and website. 

It's unclear when Instagram might release the features, or if they'll all end up coming to the public apps. Instagram didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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