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Ariel Nunez/CNET

Instagram's tool to disappear bad selfies is here for all

Instagram Archive puts your embarrassing pics in a secret folder.

They say the internet is forever, but Instagram's cutting you a break on those embarrassing photos you no longer want lingering as evidence. 


On Tuesday, Instagram began rolling out Archive, which moves posts off of your profile and into a folder that only you can see, to all users. 

Instagram previously announced its Archive feature last month, but it's making the feature available today with the Instagram 10.21 update (available for both iOS and Android).

So that picture of yourself in that "slightly" inappropriate Halloween costume... archived. Or the one of your ex on your anniversary? Archive that, too.

Note that you're not able to delete any unwanted pics from your profile here, just remove them. Archive also preserves posts that are too important to delete, Instagram told CNET.

To start hiding those unflattering posts, make sure your Instagram app is up to date. Next, go to your profile and pick the photo you want to archive. Once you've opened the post, tap the three-dot button in the top right corner and select "Archive" from the menu that pops up. You also have the option of reinstating posts to your profile by selecting the "Show on Profile" option.

To view your collection of archived posts (if you dare), go to your profile and tap the new clock icon in the top right corner. Taht will let you (and only you) view all those private photos.

Maybe they'll make think twice the next time you post.