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Instagram pins animated GIF stickers to your Stories

Following an update coming on Tuesday, you can now add fun moving stickers, powered by Giphy, to your Instagram Story.


Instagram's efforts to one-up Snapchat continue with the addition of animated GIFs in its Stories. 

Instagram stories now include GIF stickers. 


The Facebook-owned social network announced on Tuesday that you'll now see a GIF option when adding stickers to a photo or video in stories. 

Powered by GIF library Giphy, you'll be able to browse GIFs that are trending as well as search its library for a specific animated image.

The GIF announcement also included a note promising that in the near future, you'll be able to upload a photo or video of any size to your Instagram story, removing current restrictions. 

You'll now be able to pinch and zoom to fit the entire photo into the story, and any extra room left empty by a photo will be filled with a matching custom color gradient. 

GIF stickers are available starting Tuesday in Instagram version 29 on iOS and Android devices. 

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