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Instagram 2.0 launches, live filters, hi-res pics

The iPhone camera app has been updated, featuring the ability to try out filters before snapping, and higher resolution images.

Seems it's not just a certain type of London hipster having new-age fun with a vintage feel: the Instagram iPhone app, which adds old-style filters to your digital snaps, has over 9 million users, so an update is pretty big news.

With Instagram 2.0 you can preview the filters in real time before you snap, so you can see how your cat will look in faded yellow without wasting a second. And if you fancy printing off Mr Tibbles, you'll be able to do so much larger, thanks to the new hi-res photos. Hey presto -- retro cat wallpaper.

In the previous version, snaps were limited to 612x612 pixels resolution, but Instagram has more than tripled each axis to 1,936x1,936. The result? You can print your pictures far larger with no loss in quality. If you want to join the 150 million photos uploaded to Instagram, you can only do so in the 612x612 format though -- to share the higher resolution you'll have to email or send them via MMS.

Four new filters join the roster as well: Amaro, Rise, Hudson and Valencia. The Tilt-Shift feature is now 100 times faster, so there'll be no delay when you blur a section of the snap while keeping the rest in focus. You can turn borders on or off, and rotate a picture after taking it. Also promised are better support for feeds with lots of comments, faster load times for feeds, and the icon has had a makeover as well.

The app is still free from iTunes, but there's still no word on an Android version. Looks like Android users will have to make do with Retro Camera, or one of its ilk.

Is Instagram your photo app of choice? Or do you prefer Hipstamatic? Push your shoulders back, puff out your chest and say cheese, as you let us know on our Facebook page.