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Insignia Sport MP3 Player with Bluetooth is loaded with features and fading away

If you can find one, the Insignia Sport MP3 Player with Bluetooth offers an array of extras unmatched by most other MP3 players.

CBS Interactive/Corinne Schulze

If you want the Insignia Sport MP3 Player with Bluetooth, now is the time--the player has limited availability and BestBuy does not appear to be scheduling production for more. You may be rightfully asking yourself why you would want a generic brand MP3 player with one foot out the door. (Or how this outdated player has stealthily edged onto Crave.) At $89.99 for 4GB, it's not shockingly cheap, and it's basic design is far from eye-catching.

What the Insignia Sport does have going for it, though, is an array of features unmatched by most other MP3 players. There's integrated A2DP Bluetooth for use with wireless headphones; Rhapsody DNA; on-the-fly track rating; an FM radio with RDS and song tagging capability; bookmarking; a MicroSD card slot; compatibility with Mac and Windows; and support for a variety of audio formats, including Audible, OGG, and WMA Lossless (that last one in particular is hard to come across outside the Zune family). So, if you're looking for a solid-sounding MP3 player with a glut of extras for a palatable price, this device is worth a look.

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