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Insider Secrets: Run third-party applications on the iPhone

How to jailbreak the iPhone.

I'm really glad this video worked (watch it here). We shot it live as I ran ZiPhone, with fingers firmly crossed. Getting all the third-party applications back on my iPhone, is like getting a new phone. Here's what I did.

Apple has their own system for putting third-party applications on your iPhone, but Apple has to approve of the applications, meaning some stuff isn't going to be available.

The practice of unlocking your phone to third-party applications is often referred to as jailbreaking.

A program called ZiPhone created by Zibri has made the jailbreak process super easy. I'm going to show you how it works. Fingers crossed.

Go to and download the latest software. It's Free software, though you can donate some coin through zibri's PayPal account if you want.

ZiPhone will also unlock and activate your iPhone so you can use it on a non-AT&T GSM network such as T-Mobile. I just chose to jailbreak mine since I have AT&T.

WARNING! This will violate your warranty. So don't do this if you want to rely on Apple for technical support.

Now it gets easy. We just press the button--and watch and hope.

Once ZiPhone has successfully rebooted your phone go to the Installer icon. Installer is the application that lets you put other programs on the iPhone, right from the phone. No syncing involved.

Don't forget that this is unauthorized by Apple, so you're on your own from here on out. Though ZiPhone does provide a way for you to restore the iPhone to the natural firmware and even upgrade the firmware as well.