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Inside the D7 swag bag

A code for Plastic Logic's e-reader and a Flip Video camera are the standouts in a jam-packed goodie bag.

CARLSBAD, Calif.--It's often the first question people want to answer after arriving at the D: All Things Digital event--What's in the goodie bag?

Alas, there was no Palm Pre inside the blue Samsonite duffel bag. But there was plenty to appeal to the gadget-loving executives. The smallest box contained perhaps the biggest deal--instructions on how to claim one of Plastic Logic's e-readers, a highly touted rival to Amazon's Kindle.

The other big piece of hardware was also in a small package--a Flip Mino HD video camera (identical to the one I had already purchased to do things like make this video.)

There was the usual collection of pens, mugs and DVDs. Event sponsor Thomson Reuters took on the task of UV protection, offering both sunscreen and a hat, although the sunny-but-cool weather drew some early grumbles from the crowd.

Here's a question for D veterans--How do you think this year's goodies compare to those of past years. CNET Webware's Rafe Needleman was bummed not to be here, but he'll be happy to know he didn't miss out on any YouTube tube socks this year.

I know event staff members are happier this year. Although the bag seems heavier, they don't have to worry about attendee choices other than shirt size (attendees get both polo and tee varieties).

Last year's bag included a Guitar Hero axe, which meant the inevitable phone calls as attendees called their kids (or personal assistants) to figure out whether to go Wii or PS3.

For the complete contents of this year's bag, check out the video below.