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Tech Industry

Inside Dell's success story

Can the computer maker cling to its direct-sales strategy as the rest of the industry gets caught up in the sub-$1,000 PC frenzy?

Dell Computer (DELL), the No. 2 computer maker in the United States, has reaped huge profits from its Web-based direct sales model, recently reporting 55 percent revenue growth. Its stock is setting records and the company is making inroads into the European market, all while ignoring the sub-$1,000 PC frenzy that has so many other PC firms slicing into their profit margins.

Dell's Web, European sales key
The PC maker expects to make 50 percent of its sales via its Internet site within three years and is counting on increased overseas sales.

Dell faces low-cost question
news analysis The company has profited by offering high-end PCs on a "build-to-order" basis, but how long can it cling to its strategy?

Dell stock up on Q4 results
update The computer maker's 55 percent revenue jump bumps its share price.