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Inside CNET: This *is* the app you were looking for

Our Tech Today app is now available on Android. Download it now to get the top highlights on what's happening in the tech world.


You asked, and we delivered: You can now get your "at a glance" tech update on Android. If you're a CNET fan, but just want the big picture, this is the app for you.

What more can we say, really? Tech Today is the 10 best stories in tech, constantly updated. It's also fast, beautiful and smooth -- perfect for your commute or waiting in line for coffee.

Tech Today on Android is of particular importance for CNET because it completes a holy trinity. Now the app is available on iOS, online and on Android. This release is very much indicative of our commitment to delivering the best tech news, wherever you want to read it.

TL;DR: If you skipped these three *long* paragraphs, this app is definitely for you. Check it out now in the Play Store!

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