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Inside CNET Labs podcast...thanks for the attachment

Someone sends CNET Labs an unsolicited attachment.

I just wanted to give a shout out to one of our listeners. Um, they sent us a very nice e-mail with the subject line "Hi". The text we found in the e-mail--"Hi, Please find attached herewith Profile. Regards, XXX"-- is nice and sweet, but not important. What is important is the awesome attachment that came with the e-mail. Now, we haven't opened the attachment because, well, we'd rather save it for a rainy day. I'm thinking I'll save it for that day when I begin my reign over and subjugation of CNET and all its properties. I'm thinking it'll come in handy as a ransom device. Anyway, thank you (you know who you are) for this mighty gift.

Anyway, check out the latest episode of The Inside CNET Labs podcast and remember kids, unsolicited attachments rule!

OK, I just realized (thanks to one of our staff writers) that this post may seem to be coming out of left field. So for all of you that are sitting here asking "Well WTF is Inside CNET Labs and why should I give a F---!!" The answer is that it's a weekly podcast with myself, Eric Franklin and a recently escaped asylum patient, Dong Ngo. We talk about electronics products from a performance testing POV and pretty much everything else. Why should you care? Well, punch and pie is provided to everyone that listens, but you wouldn't be interested in that now would you?

Listen now: Download today's podcast