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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 97: Very, very modest

It's food, folks, fun in our annual E3 episode. Dong cries (not really).

Is there another type of mouse? I doubt it.
Is there another type of mouse? I doubt it. Modest Mouse

It's our annual E3 episode (and no, we weren't really there.) Actually, we talk about more than just E3; there's some BP oil spill stuff, a Foxconn followup, some Web-browser-war talk, and likely a Steve Jobs impression thrown in for good measure.

I know we're late in our E3 coverage, so there won't be any new, earth-shattering information revealed here, but we're both really excited about the forthcoming crop of game releases.

Well, I'm excited at least. Dong has one thing and one thing only on his mind, Starcraft II. He's been going through withdrawal ever since Blizzard ended the public beta. Listen to this episode to hear him cry like a little girl, which is not unlike most other episodes, I guess.

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