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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 93: 'It's not personal. It's strictly business.'

Personal business and strictly business on the latest Ep.

It's taking all my strength not to quote scenes from this movie, verbatim. Paramount

According to the World Health Organization,  cell phones probably won't give you brain cancer; however,  Dong thinks they can do much, much worse things.

Pac-man turns 30! For some reason, Dong wanted to discuss this, even though he like just discovered this game. OK, that's not wholly true, but it was sometime in the '90s when he first played it. Also, Starcraft 8 bit is briefly mentioned on the show, but I said I'd provide a link, so there it is.

Talking about movies starting to become a regular Saturday night thing around here. Maybe we'll start a new segment, who knows? Anyway, Dong is creeped out by movies designed to creep people out. Maybe he should stick with sipping tea at French cafes. He does do that, by the way.

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