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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 91: Your super, ultra, sonic move!

Street Fighters and the Zerg. A match hell!

Guy, doing his version of a "super, ultra, sonic move." Capcom

This week, we go on and on about incredibly difficult-to-pronounce product names, which is just every product Dong comes in contact with. No, I kid! Actually, no I'm not kidding. No, of course, I'm joking! Um, no, it's true, he really has a problem. Oh, come on, you guys fall for the easiest jokes. Seriously, he needs help.

Then, we talk about games. Dong's playing Starcraft 2 and brags about how he's beating beginners; and I'm knee deep in Super Street Fighter 4 and getting my hat handed to me.

Finally, power-line adapters and the nerdy, awkward, fat, Vietnamese men who co-host this show, and those who love them.

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