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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 89: Starcraft Hogwarts

The boy who throw Starcraft games?

Pro Starcraft player, Savior. Study hard, kiddies, and maybe someday...this!

Is there a vast conspiracy involving the "lost" iPhone 4G? Dong seems to think so, and he's put on his Jim Garrison hat to prove it. Yeah, that's the first and only Jim Garrison reference I'll ever make.

Then, my fellow Chicagoan Roger Ebert releases a feather-ruffling article about video games, art, and how the two shall never be as one. Surprisingly, Dong is more offended than I am.

Finally, we talk about gambling, match fixing, drugs, hookers, and money--lots of money. The latest European soccer scandal you ask? No. It's the South Korean Starcraft pro-gaming scene. Don't quote me on the drugs and hookers part though.

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