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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 74: Don't be a Ninja, dude

WOW! That is, WoW.

Ninjas are bad, real bad. TriStar Pictures

We love World of Warcraft (WoW) again! Thanks to the new, new Looking for Group system, Dong and I are back in WoW, big time. I mean, we go on and on about it for a good 23+ minutes! Yes. We discuss WoW for over 20 minutes! You've been warned.

Then we answer e-mails! "EEEMAaaaiiilSSS". Yay. We discuss the "science" of product ratings and WoW on Wine.

Both Dong and are sorry about the tardiness of this episode. The last few weeks have have been extremely busy in the CNET Labs. Expect us to be back on our regular schedule of one episode per week from here on out.

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