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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 70: Or I'll kick you in the face

Eric Franklin and Dong Ngo discuss The Wire, Facebook in Vietnam, and Linux in episode 70 of Inside CNET Labs podcast.

A typical ICL recording session (my foot).

Dong finally watches "The Wire" and not surprisingly sings its praises. I've been telling him it's the best show I've seen for years now and he finally takes the hint. Although, he has a bit of trouble understanding what a re-up is. Noob.

We then move to the communist empire that is Vietnam. Dong thinks that it is attempting to block Facebook from users in Vietnam, but has no real proof of this. I mean how can a government block Facebook for fear of their citizens getting "Americanized," yet continually revere KFC?

Then, via the backdrop of Linux, we ask why people like to spend their money and actually don't want things for free.

Lastly, we take the second half the episode to answer just two e-mails.

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