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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 69: 69, dudes!

WoW, the number 69, and video cards in the latest ep!

Whoah... MGM

Dong tells another one of his foreigner (not the band) stories in a tale that attempts to explain his excitement and maybe even obsession with the number 69. As with most of his stories, it involves much pointing and laughing. Mostly by me.

Then, prompted by a listener voice mail, we discuss our experiences playing Warcraft--as in the World of Warcraft, not sure if you've heard of this game--with women. Not just any women, though, but our women. We'll probably be in the doghouse for a few weeks after this...which is fine, as long as there's access to a computer with an online connection. :)

Finally, we answer the burning question: "What happens when you buy a new, top-of-the-line monitor and you still have a POS computer?" Not really a burning question, but we answer it regardless.

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