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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 68: He's a PC

Episode 68 sees Dong Ngo mistaken for a guy that's a PC.

Dong Ngo is a PC and will mess you up if you look at him wrong. This isn't actually a pic of Dong as he's much more friendly-looking than the gentleman pictured here. Microsoft

Welcome back peoples. We get started right off the bat today and discuss the current state of telephone customer service. Calling a local number these days can actually have you whisked away to some far-off land. How exciting!

Dragon Age: Origins. It's here! I've gotten nothing done in the last week thanks to it, but I'm 100 percent OK with this. We talk about marrying up, incest, if-then scenarios, and moral choices. And then, we discuss Dragon Age! LOL, I kid.

Then there's some tech stuff discussing two new Apple hardware refreshes, the Dell U2410, and a couple of listener e-mails, including one that mistakes Dong for another Asian dude.

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