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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 67: Kimbo Slice stinks

Kimbo Slice, streaming media and Halloween trends all in this latest episode.

Don't tell him I said that please. Touchgloves

Happy belated Halloween! I know, I know. Halloween is so last week! Still, Dong and I discuss our experiences of the most popular holiday that you don't actually get to stay home from work for.

Then, we move to the toilet. Or more specifically, toilet technology. Even more specifically, we talk about motion detection technology used in the toilet. And by toilet, I don't mean in the toilet, just, you know, in the washroom. Also, clam-shell packaging? Who needs it?

Then we get down to serious business with Dong detailing the WD TV Live and the first 6GBps SATA controller card. I think you can actually hear me snoring during this segment. For my part, I point you directly in the direction of the Monitor Buying Guide.

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