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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 64: Sexnology

Episode 64. The sexiest episode yet!

Three sexy robots. Sexnology? See?...Shut up! It works! Sy Fy Channel

Welcome back to the The Show ladies and germs.

This week, we tackle our new Nobel Peace Prize-winning president. Not literally, of course. Not that that would even be possible without getting a secret service guy's foot stuck in your face.

Also, why Asian guys can kick anyone's butt (according to Dong) and how Dong feels he was duped into moving his WoW character to another server.

For technology, Dong tells us how to prepare for Windows 7 if you're planning to upgrade from XP or Vista and how to possibly avoid Swine Flu by wearing this suit.

Lastly, in e-mails, we one dive head first into what we do best. Girl advice.

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