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Inside CNET Labs 84: A Halo Elite? (podcast)

Antuan Goodwin guest stars in this episode of sex, betrayal, and dynamite, black dynamite.

Antuan doesn't think I heard the reference, but I did. Bungie

This week, special guest Antuan Goodwin and I gang up on Dong as he has trouble deciding which race to enter on his 2010 census.

Then we move on to a cinematic gem, a celluloid triumph, if you will. I'm speaking, of course, of "Black Dynamite!" (hears "Dynamite! Dynamite! in the background). We explain why, if you haven't seen this movie yet, you're a blight on humanity and we don't wanna be your friend anymore.

If Apple, Microsoft, and Google were women, which would Dong want to date? Listen to find out the answer.

This episode is fun, fun, fun with a lower case "f", which is how we like it.

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