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Inside CNET Labs 81: My PC gently weeps...for Starcraft 2 (podcast)

Dong needs a Starcraft 2 beta. Get him one for my sake as well as his.

Little does Dong know, I already have a beta key! Just kidding...or am I? :) Blizzard

In this economy, states (and by extension, cities) will do whatever it takes to make money. Especially deficit-prone California, whose financial woes trickle down to San Francisco. This week, Dong discusses his own recent woe with the city and its newest parking-ticket scam.

Things go from bad to worse when Dong learns he can't play a game he's been waiting 10 years for...yet. The Starcraft 2 beta is out, and Dong doesn't have a key! Anyone have a key for little Mr. Ngo? Actually, one of my joys in life is seeing him suffer. Don't send him one!

Then, Dong attempts to convince me that the upcoming game Evoke would be more beneficial to young people than playing World of Warcraft. As a young person (in mind, at least) I remain unconvinced.

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