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Inside CNET Labs 55: Free Blick!

Episode 55 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast it's Blick, ribs, and Windows 7.

Dong's scrawny little fist raises in support of Blick. Eric Franklin/CNET

We don't do this often on the show, but I wanted to bring to everyone' s attention the current plight of Blick. Blick is a man wrongly accused of being something he is not. We'd just like to set the record straight that he is not a pile of bricks, and the more people who accept this, the sooner justice will be done upon him.

Also, I tell a couple of gym stories involving yellow tank tops, interracial bromancing, and pull-up spotting.

Then, ribs. Delicious barbecue ribs. Who among my fellow carnivores doesn't love ribs? Dong talks about ribs, black people, and black people eating ribs. It's a hoot!

In our tech portion, it's all about Windows 7. In particular, Windows 7 on the Mac.

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