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Inside CNET Labs 39: "Loved-ah, it-ah!"

Jeremy Piven, WoW 3.1, more P90x, and lovable Apple all in episode 39 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.


Dong gets a quirky phone call from a guy--apparently doing his best Jeremy Piven impression--with an expensive proposition.

Dong then discusses a new way to share your wireless network without risking random strangers getting their grubby mitts on your most precious of personal files. Actually, I feel he only brought this up to take a cheap swipe at Apple, but that's just my opinion. This leads to our discussion of a new Forrester Research find that Apple is the "most lovable" PC maker. Of course, Dong has a little something to say about this.

We get an update on Dong's P90x experience and realize that he's still a moanaphobe (a fear of moaning).

A brief 'lil bit of WoW 3.1 business as Dong discusses his Death Knight, dual specs, and why having so many choices bores us.

Lastly, our first Photoshop contest winner is beyond bad ass. Keep 'em coming!

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