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Inside CNET Labs 34: The femininity in you

Episode 34 of the Inside CNET Labs podcast

Metrosexuals are coming for your daughters! Comedy Central

According to Dong, I am no longer gay, thanks to a certain proposal I made last week. Details inside. We also attempt to move past our one-trick-pony routine and take life a little more seriously. Very little.

Is Apple too hard on iPhone developers? Not necessarily in general, but in this case, maybe so. Dong has a lot to say about this. He's like an Energizer bunny hopped up on Red Bull: he keeps going and going and going...

Is Dong moonlighting for Apple? You wouldn't think so, the way he goes on in that last segment, but the evidence we reveal here points to yes. And going...

And going...Would you believe Dong's first trip to a strip club was only a few years back? If you've been listening for even two episodes, you probably would. Anyway, he shares with everyone the impromptu interview he conducted with one of the club's employees.

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