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Inside CNET Labs 33.5: Mother forgive me

Episode 33.5 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast

Warner Bros.

This is our first point five of the new year and boy do we get tangential. I go off for about 5 minutes about the "Watchmen" movie. While Dong just sits there in stunned silence. Unable to utter a breath. Just how I like it.

You know I haven't played World of Warcraft seriously in about a month or so and Dong has canceled his account. I don't know. The end game is just boring for me right now. Maybe when 3.1 comes out that will change. Until then, I've discovered these thing called "books" and "reading." You guys should try it.

Dong is up on his super-high soapbox, talking about marriage and proposing and how Americans don't know how to do it. Typical Dong stuff, but he makes a few good points, for once.

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