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Inside CNET Labs 19: Dong needs a bucket

Episode 19 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.

Dong's new best friends.

In this episode, we pack a lot of content into a relatively small amount of time.

First off, Eric has his nerd cred questioned because of a Warcraft comment made in a previous episode, and Dong discusses making love, not Warcraft.

Serious business then as Dong presents another PSA: how to be on the lookout for fake antivirus software.

Then, can being left-handed be equated with being gay? Not usually, but Dong finds a way to connect them. Then, getting drunk. Dong tells a "scary" Halloween story about puking in a bucket.

Thanks to a resourceful reader, we have an even better way to determine what kind of panel is in your monitor or the monitor you want to get. Here are some links.

Sonic Vox voice distorter for your iPhone

Dong's hair growth plight

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