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Inside CNET Labs 15: Still ballin'

Episode 15 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast

Just as fair warning, Dong and I were feeling really punchy when we recorded this episode and we got a bit carried away with the imaginary story contained herein. It was all in good fun, of course. Anyway, we just wanted to make you guys aware of that.

Back it up! The hard drive that is. Dong has a PSA about the importance of backing up your information.

Then, which is worse? A complete lie or a half truth? We tell the real story about Justin Yu's first trip to the SF Labs.

You'd never guess it, but Dong is one of the biggest Tupac fans I know. Seriously. It's no surprise, then, that he has always been ballin', will always be ballin', and in fact is still ballin'. Well, not really but he tells a story of a friend who, at the behest of his wife, is no longer ballin'.

Finally, we do a little politicking about politics...again.

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Update: Unfortunately, there was about an hour and 30 minute window after we posted that the iTunes and RSS feeds for episode 15 were actually for episode 14. This has been fixed now, and if you download in iTunes you should be able to get the new episode. (If you have downloaded the wrong episode, just delete it then Unsubscribe then Subscribe to the podcast again and the correct one will be downloaded. You will not lose any other episode by doing this). Sorry about that everyone. Dong and Vietnam send their apologies.

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