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Insecurity complex on the Internet

TomTom ships viruses on its nav devices; Net pioneer predicts big botnet surge.

Sure, much of the online world is a safe place to browse and do business. But there are always potholes that need filling, too.

"Small number" of GO 910 devices included two Windows-based bugs; no reports of problems yet, company says.
January 29, 2007

A quarter of all Net-connected PCs could become infected by Trojans, Vint Cerf tells World Economic Forum attendees.
January 29, 2007

Metropolitan Police in London suggests creating national cybercrime unit to help local police departments coordinate efforts.
January 26, 2007

Holes in software that controls Cisco's routers and switches could let miscreants cripple computer networks, including the Internet.
January 25, 2007

Security update fixes an AirPort vulnerability disclosed in November as part of the Month of Kernel Bugs campaign.
January 25, 2007

A fourth yet-to-be-patched security vulnerability in Microsoft Word is actively being exploited in cyberattacks, the company has warned.
January 25, 2007