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INQ to release budget Twitter phone

INQ says that it's going to follow up its budget social-networking phone, the INQ 1, with a Twitter phone that'll let you tweet on the cheap over a data connection

If your phone budget is keeping you out of the Twitterati because you can't afford a smart phone with a Twitter client, or the cost of infinite Twitter texts, INQ is sailing up your alley with a boat full of win.

INQ has already brought mobile social networking to the masses with the inexpensive INQ 1, which offers amazing Facebook, Skype and instant messenger integration in a handset you can pick up on a £15-per-month contract. Hey, it's no wonder it won 'best handset' at Mobile World Congress in February.

Now INQ's chief exec has told Reuters it's going to work the bargain-basement magic on Twitter, too. 

Like the INQ 1, the new phone will offer fast 3G Internet connectivity, so you can tweet over your data connection without resorting to text messages. 

The Twitter phone hasn't got a name yet, but we're already cybersquatting on INQ told Reuters we can expect it before Christmas of this year, along with another new handset that's yet to be announced.

It's likely to show up on the 3 network, which is rocking the INQ 1 and is owned by the same company as INQ.

Update: INQ got in touch to let us know that the new Twitter phone will also sport the social networking features, such as integrated Facebook contacts, that we know and love from the INQ 1.