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Innovative content management: Alfresco Content Excellence Awards announced

Who is doing most with Alfresco? The larger question is why anyone would bother using a closed platform for development anymore.

Alfresco just announced the winners of its Content Excellence Awards. Despite my bias (I'm an employee of Alfresco), I thought it worth posting because it speaks to the cool things that others (enterprises and system integrators) are doing with open-source content management, and not really about Alfresco, per se.

In addition to exceptional partners (Optaros, Rivet Logic, ATOS Origin), Alfresco awarded two prizes to the top deployments (Collaborative Content and Web Content Management). The WCM deployment has yet to be approved for release (though I'm willing to bet many of you have already been using the website lately), but the Collaborative Content Award goes to Endeca and is hugely interesting, given its salience to online communities:

Endeca faced the challenge of creating an interactive online community for its employees, customers and partners. This challenge was solved by partnering with Optaros to create and build the Endeca Developer Network (EDeN) portal ( - the key online community destination for its developer network - which used Alfresco software to combine technical documents, best practices, tools and utilities, code samples, case studies and other information.

Coupled with things like the JBoss Innovation Awards, enterprises are demonstrating that open source, not proprietary software, is the foundation for 21st-century innovation. Why start with a closed, black box when you can start with an open platform?