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Inktomi revises search engine

The company's upgraded Web search technology for businesses offers improved word searches, a new look to its user interface, page summaries and suggestions for misspelled queries.

Inktomi unveiled on Tuesday the latest version of its Web search technology for businesses.

Called Inktomi Enterprise Search 5.0, the technology allows employees to track down information within a corporate network and throughout the Web. Compared with the previous version, the upgrade offers page summaries, suggestions for misspelled queries, improved multiple word searches, and a new look to its user interface, according to Inktomi.

Enterprise Search 5.0 will be available as a standalone product as well as bundled into a package sold to businesses. The package also includes Inktomi's Classifier 2.0, as well as its security application, software to connect databases services and support for up to four languages.

Inktomi offers search services for large corporations and on Web sites such as, MSN and Yahoo's enterprise portals.

But like many of its Internet brethren, the once-highflying Inktomi has been going through hard times. Earlier this month, the company slashed 20 percent of its work force, or 85 positions. CEO David Peterschmidt blamed the layoffs on the "current economic conditions in enterprise software."

Last week, Inktomi reported a quarterly loss of $131.6 million including charges, as well as a loss of $500.8 million over the past 12 months.