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Initial 'Wrath' impressions (or why I suck at leveling)

My name is Eric Franklin and I am a World of Warcraft slacker. You wouldn't know it however, judging by the weekend I had.

My name is Eric Franklin and I am a World of Warcraft slacker. You wouldn't know it, however, judging by the weekend I had. From Thursday morning until Sunday night I collectively played more than 40 hours of the new WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

I played whenever I could, but with household responsibilities, a guest in town, and annoying necessities like eating, bio breaks, and sleep, I am unsatisfied with my progress after four days.

I decided to level one character straight from 70 to 80 and forgo creating a Death Knight for now. I thought maybe I could get to 77 by the end of the weekend and earn the use of my flying mount. Especially since by Saturday afternoon Death Knights--which start at level 55--were running around at a higher level than my Warlock, who started at 70!

See that lil guy in the middle? That's me, about to die. Again. Eric Franklin/CNET Networks

Did I mention that I'm on a PVP server and that I mostly only quest by myself? That may have something to do with my slow progression. As much as I wanted to level quickly it was not always up to me. No, guys with names like Foodfoodz would kill me constantly and then offer food to my still warm body. Seriously.

After the initial frustration this provided, I actually began to find the constant ganking humorous. I eventually did group with a few people and take on Mr. Foodz and his two Rogue buddies. That was a satisfying end to my night.

The new content is great. Blizzard isn't reinventing the wheel here by any stretch, but aside from a few quest bugs this stuff is spit-shined polished. The zones are huge and beautiful, the instances engaging, and the quests laid out in a logical pattern.

Come to think of it, the game is so great, I'm resenting that I have to write this and do other real-life stuff instead of play right now. It's possible that this speaks more to my personality than the game, however (something my girlfriend could attest to). Your tendency to be a completely OCD WoW zealot may vary.

The biggest discouragement of the weekend was learning that one of the new uber pro guilds actually "beat the game" already. I mean these guys are pros and go way beyond my commitment and skill, but for them it's pretty much over until the next major content patch.

Hmmm, you know, I think I've come full circle since I first started writing this. At my current level of 74, I'd much rather have six levels to go with incredible and challenging (for me at least) content waiting, than to be sitting there with the game, bored within a few days of its release. Sometimes I guess being "months behind" ain't all that bad. Or maybe I'm just fooling myself.