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ING Direct bolsters online banking security

Customers who bank online will go through a stronger authentication process, provided by RSA.

Savings bank ING Direct is stepping up its online security by giving customers a stronger authentication process for logging into their accounts. The bank will use RSA Security's technology, which requires more information from customers than just usernames and passwords, the security company said Thursday.

The new authentication will involve correctly identifying a previously selected image and phrase, and answering at least five security questions. Customers' computers can also be used as a second factor of authentication as the system can identify the device, network forensics, behavioral analysis and other parameters. RSA recently bought authentication provider PassMark and picked up financial services authentication company Cyota in a $145 million deal. And in June, data storage specialist EMC agreed to acquire RSA in turn for slightly less than $2.1 billion.

Dan Ilett of reported from London.