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Infosys launches consulting unit in U.S.

In a move that may ease concerns about offshoring, India-based Infosys Technologies has created a U.S.-based business consulting unit.

In a move that may ease concerns about so-called offshoring, India-based Infosys Technologies on Thursday said it has created a U.S.-based business consulting unit. The unit, Infosys Consulting, is concentrating its initial hiring in the United States, and plans to bring on roughly 500 people over the next three years, the technology services company said. Infosys Technologies and other India-based companies such as Wipro Technologies have emerged as significant players in the information technology services market. But their success in winning deals with U.S. companies has sparked concerns about job security.

Infosys overall has about 22,000 employees, with roughly 18,000 based in India. Kris Gopalakrishnan, chairman of Infosys Consulting, hinted that the backlash against offshore outsourcing played at least some role in the company's decision to launch a division in the United States. "We definitely are investing in the (U.S.) market," he said. "We're creating some jobs."